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Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 21.05.07High Neck Jumper IMG_4104Black is always right IMG_4136Notting Hill, Portobello Road IMG_9553London calling! DSC_4209One day at Panaidis Eyewear Boutique DSC_2615Borrowing a Chios day from April DSC_3719A day at Karditsa’s Pafsilipo Park IMG_3578Ootd in Scotland DSC_2938On the way to Volissos, Chios DSC_2880Fields of Chian tulips DSC_2393Color palette offered by Sunset DSC_1124Sunday at Passport Art DSC_2296Hello March DSC_2021Don’t look back dvseGNAP9qYxiY5QnvgprAOcTKuQBjwsE2zXfj25ywsfreezing day DSC_1427Give me a reason DSC_0254We love it and we leave it DSC_0102Waterfalls DSC_9823Bye bye 2014, welcome 2015 DSC_9261What do you want from me ? DSC_8115Doca x Spottedm DSC_8240Come away with me … spotted_5On a cloudy day … DSC_6499From paper to cotton 8mBNjmNWZ2xNTPGrW9mR1BlQzgFYyOsnUrT6dJN8zRYThe baby blue dress DSC_0510Summer on the mountain imageWalking in Nicosia, Cyprus DSC_0449.jpgLittle Black Playsuit Screen shot 2014-06-29 at 6.18.50 μ.μ.Everyday it’s getting closer … photo_matina_1Hello May! 2aX1rzOZ8-OoVbV2mOBM6e72zwAVIp7q3-Zcg8SMqtcCiel and Blue Skies… DSC_9648.jpgWe don’t care .. DSC_1294You don’t have to worry anymore … Screen-shot-2014-02-21-at-5.28.29-CE-BC.-CE-BC.1Red, Black and White .. DSC_0954_mat_2New Obsession … spotted_airport_1Someday I will ask you why … but not now. 1800438_581987161884412_1877838187_nLook Of The Day … DSC_0196Blue Skies Smiling At Me … spottedm_19.01.14_3New Derby Shoes … DSC_9420Every now and then … matina_whoop_arachova_3Walking in Arachova .. photo+1Instagram Outfits .. DSC_9527Say Goodbye To 2013 .. DSC_9364Cloudy and Windy .. DSC_9358The Sparkling Jacket .. DSC_9047Snood Me .. Screen+shot+2013-11-27+at+2.35.31+μ.μ.The Crazy Weather Look Screen+shot+2013-11-23+at+5.49.30+μ.μ.” It’s So Fluffy I’m Gonna Die ” Screen+shot+2013-11-16+at+11.26.43+π.μ.Take Me Out .. Screen+shot+2013-11-10+at+10.12.11+μ.μ.Let me play .. JY9A0516SpottedM made a statement for Accessorize Greece Screen+shot+2013-11-04+at+12.31.06+μ.μ.Sometimes we start over .. Screen+shot+2013-10-28+at+8.19.14+μ.μ.Don’t Know Why .. Screen+shot+2013-10-26+at+5.49.47+μ.μ.Vintage Love .. Screen+shot+2013-10-21+at+9.24.30+π.μ.Comfy Sunday Look .. Screen+shot+2013-10-16+at+12.54.38+π.μ.Simple as that .. DSC_57891111111Kimono Lover .. DSC_56341Yesterday I saw the sun shining … DSC_56841Whop Whop !! DSC_55271It’s All Leather To Me .. photo-1Mobile Uploads : Summer Outfits .. DSC_5281Back In Town .. Screen+shot+2013-09-03+at+3.06.46+μ.μ.Hello September .. Screen+shot+2013-08-22+at+2.28.14+π.μ.Some hours in Galaxidi .. Screen+shot+2013-08-21+at+5.30.16+μ.μ.The LBD Love .. Picture+35It Don’t Mean a thing If it ain’t got that swing .. Picture+1Summer Mood In Athens .. Picture+43Kampos , Chios Picture+110The Old Factory Picture+152Memories Picture+63Colorful Cardigan Picture+5Playing Picture+14Back In Black Picture+41And the leaves were falling down softly matina_21.10.12_post1Leopard Love Picture+5Rooftop Dreams Picture+2Floral skirt Picture+110Heraklion , Crete Picture+44Playground Picture+23Falling Down Picture+8Black, Red and Jeans Picture+71The dog days are over Picture+43Playing with lights Picture+85Boyfriend jeans Picture+5In love with knitted cardigans Picture+31Sunday walk by the sea Picture+72Typical me Picture+73Ozon Fashion Live – Outfit Picture+10AddLoft Love Picture+13Baby it’s cold outside Picture+10The ”Indian” Outfit Picture+42Black and Gray Picture+43Paris , I miss you Picture+4Green For This Winter Picture+410Wrangler’s Showroom Picture+412Sunny days are about to come? IMG_5774Of all the things I’ve lost Picture+74AXDW Day 1 Picture+1High Waisted Love Picture+216Sunny Floral Day Picture+313Forever Young Picture+217New Lace Up Boots Picture+51Let me in Picture+55Black and White Picture+7New Flat – New Post Picture+23New Love: Cropped Floral Top & Suede Satchel IMG_1714Sunny days IMG_1475The ”Metro Station” Outfit IMG_1347Snowy Arachova IMG_1170These Booties Are Made For Walking IMG_0375Plaid-Shirts my love IMG_9976A Bit Of Rock Style IMG_9682The ”Blue&Black” Outfit IMG_9385When it’s cold and sunny outside IMG_9425My Outfit For A Night Out 179867_499038947053_635737053_6294875_1774331_nThe “British Style” Outfit IMG_9183When it’s getting cold IMG_9096Oversized Blazer For Me IMG_8337The ”Windy Day” Outfit IMG_8280The ”Secret Garden By Night” Outfit