In love with knitted cardigans

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Some of the things that I miss more about Paris 
is all these vintage stores and of course the
 French haute hippie style!This cardigan was the
 one that the most french girls keep wearing.
Maybe that’s why I loved it too.
Another beloved item that I got from 
Paris is this cut off Levis shorts 
from Allison and Sasha that costs 5€! 

Top : Zara Collection
Cardigan: Vintage Store In Paris
Boots: Zara TRF
Backpack: Longchamp

  • Stephanie Makropoulos

    ta botakia ine tora????

  • matinasot

    mmm to eixa parei tora stis ekptoseis agapi – ta exei kai se mpordo

  • kataifi*

    τελεια η ζακετουλα


    πόσο όμορφη ζακέτα <3


    Kouklistiko cardigan! Teleia xromata! Latrepsa k to sakidio! Filia!

  • Style LimeLight

    Poly wraio ntysimo!!Teleio cardigan!♥
    Style LimeLight