Liberty Print Knot Watches

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Edenham Silver Small Face Liberty Knot Watch
 Small Nina Liberty Knot Watch
Melly Silver Large Face Liberty Knot Watch
Melly Rose Gold Small Face Liberty Knot Watch
I am not one of these girls that are going crazy about watches. Not that I do not like them but mainly because whenever I buy them them I wear them only for a week and then it stays in the closet. Moreover when I saw these floral ones I fell in love with them. They are really spring-ish and “happy”. Whenever I look at them I wanna smile! (their price is £55.00 ) I can imagine wearing them with a white dress, panama hat and leather sandals during summertime. 🙂


  • Stephanie M.

    ρε ρε μαρεσουν αυτα..ειναι τοσο γλυκουλικα κ ανοιξιατικααα

  • Muki Mu Kats

    πόσα υπέροχα! ειδικά το 3ο! ;D

  • liana

    re matina ti teleiaaaaa!!!!!!na paroumeeee!!!dn einai kai akriva…m aresei polu to deftero! 😀

  • christiana

    Λιγουρεύομαι οτιδήποτε φέρει χαρακτηριστικό φλοράλ Liberty… Από ρολόγια μέχρι πετσετάκια κουζίνας!

  • Signorina Christina

    re einai teleiaaaaaaaa!!!Ontws toso anoiksiatika…. Alla de tha leronetai to ufasmatino louraki??? :P:P(h praktikiaaaaa) xixix


  • yorva

    pou borume na ta vrume kuria?