Last day in Paros

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Today I came back from beautiful Paros even though I didn’t want to leave. While being there I realized that people who live in the city really need the island’s calmness in order to take a break from their crazy routines. Of course even when you take a break you need to do it with some good company like I did. I had a great time with Vasso, Aphrodite and Aspa and I already miss them. I am looking forward to my next trip.

  • aspa

    agaph m………

  • Claire and Vasia

    prepei na perases para poly teleia 😀 Se zhleuoume ligo 😛

  • matinasot

    @aspa Καλό μου τα επόμενα ταξίδια ήδη μας περιμένουν 🙂

  • matinasot

    @Claire and Vasia Ναι ήταν πολύ όμορφα!Να πάτε το συντομότερο δίπλα είναι <3

  • Stephanie M.

    Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kalokairi :/ uperoxes eikones, thanks

  • matinasot

    τι thanks βρε!!? <3