My SwapNotShop experience!

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When the crisis knocks on ladies’ doors they have to find an alternative way to stay chic and unique. The best antidote against crisis is  SwapNotShop! I loved this event for many various reasons : I met people that love fashion and clothing with or without brands. I like the idea of second-hand clothing, they have sort of a history behind them and the people that organized SwapNotShop made it a small celebration with music, drinks,food and nice people! I was also happy to notice the male presence and participation to the whole procedure! I already look forward to the the next SwapNotShop and I hope that nobody misses it!

  • Nells

    ohhhhh!just spotted your blog!and there i am on the 6th pic me to gri skoufaki mou!

  • matinasot

    ναι ναι σε θυμάμαι!!δεν ήξερα ότι είχες μπλόγκ!! ειναι πολύ καλο! 😀

  • AthenouKa

    Aaaaa! ki egw h8ela na paw alla my Xmas job is ever present :(((

    Nice blog btw!

  • matinasot

    Ευχαριστώ πολυ!! Το επόμενο δεν θα το χάσεις 🙂

  • Γαρίδα

    Itan teleiaaaaaaaaaa!!! ma poso pio thea mporei na nai i santroukaaaaaaa!!!!
    ta leme sto epomeno loipon twra pou eisai ki esu fan pleon 😉