Lip care for winter

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I think there is nothing better than taking care of your face! One of the most important things are the lips especially during the winter when they crack or get dry! That’s why I would like to share with you one of the best products I recently bought for lip care. It’s called Lip Care with beeswax and with propolis from APIVITA!I adore this product first of all because you can hardly understand it is on your lips! So I can put it on whenever I want! Secondly, I love it because it’s ideal for dry and cracked lips!!So now that it’s getting colder I believe we all gonna need a lip balm like this one! (you can find it in the pharmacy for 4,70 Euros)I am sure there are other lip balms that you are gonna love but I propose you this one because I’ve tried it and I loved it!

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