Nail Polish Winter 10/11

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I adore nail polishes and generally the idea of painting my nails and playing with different colors depending on my mood or on the weather!! Basically for winter the colors I’ m in love with are black and rouge-noir but at the same time I recognize that this winter , fashion demands some colors really chic but not so classic like gray , soft green , purple and pink! I really like this new winter trend and I already own some of these colors from american apparel but I’ m not yet sure that I’m gonna resist to my favorite black and rouge-noir nail polishes! The reason why I choose Essie nail polishes for my post it’s because Essie is a company with many different shades and because it’s one of the best companies for nail polishes I know. Well I hope I helped you with the process of choosing color to paint your nails!


    Αγαπώ essie, δοκίμασα και έχω όλα τα παραπάνω βερνίκια..

  • matinasot

    Εννοείται!!Είδα και τη δική σου αναρτηση με τα essie!Τα λάτρεψα όλα!!Αν και είμαι κολλημένη με τα μαύρα μανό το χειμώνα!